Puerto Rico's oversight board strikes $35 billion restructuring deal with commonwealth's bondholders

The agreement, which is on the framework for the plan of adjustment, provide for more than a 60% average haircut for all $35 billion, a 36% haircut on pre-2012 general obligation or "GO" bonds, and a ... read more

11 Minnesota nursing homes in need of greater oversight

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Eleven Minnesota nursing homes are on a list of facilities cited by federal officials for patterns of health and safety violations. The U.S. Senate Committee on Aging released a ... read more

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Enters Agreement to Address Debt Claims

(Reuters) - Puerto Rico's federally created financial oversight board said on Sunday it has entered into an agreement with bondholders to provide "a framework for a plan of adjustment" to address $35 ... read more

Nissan considers giving Renault some seats on oversight committees - source

TOKYO (Reuters) - Nissan Motor Co is considering giving its alliance partner Renault SA some seats on planned oversight committees after the French automaker expressed discontent with the envisioned ... read more

House Oversight Hearing on Contempt of Congress, Part 1

2019-06-12T10:17:06-04:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/721/20190612102430003_hd.jpgThe House Oversight and Reform Committee held a debate on holding Attorney General Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross ... read more

Holders of Puerto Rico’s Valid Constitutional Debt Align with Fellow Creditors and the Oversight Board on Milestone Restructuring Agreement

Plan Support Agreement Covering ~$35 Billion in Claims Establishes an Equitable Framework for the Consensual Restructuring of ~$18 Billion in Constitutional Debt Terms Provide for ~$8 Billion in ... read more

Acting all entitled: The Senate must vote no on the title insurance industry’s bid to defeat vital, pro-consumer oversight

Following its passage in the Assembly, state senators are entertaining a bad bill that would give title insurance companies free rein in New York, just a few short years after state regulators ... read more

Marshall Center Hosts Security Sector Oversight Seminar in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine – The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, in cooperation with the NATO Professional Development Program, conducted a seminar entitled “Oversight of the Security and ... read more

Editorial: Strengthen oversight for nursing homes

IT’S RARELY anyone’s first choice to move into a nursing home. But sometimes it seems to be the only reasonable choice. Sometimes people decide that a nursing home is the best option for care ... read more

Legislators look at Wyoming ag college oversight

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — Members of a legislative committee are considering ways to increase oversight of programming and funding for the University of Wyoming's College of Agriculture and Natural ... read more

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